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Chris While (http://www.whileandmatthews.co.uk) has now taken delivery of her full size Powell SFG and chosen some beautifully figured Cocobolo (More photo’s on gallery page). The Cocobolo has a small section of the light coloured sap wood which will give a natural stunning centre stripe to the back. The guitar also has a cut away and side port to increase the guitar sound to the player. You can hear Chris play her guitar on http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b7CHQtbndLw

Chris While and Julie Matthews

Julie Matthews  (http://www.whileandmatthews.co.uk) now taken delivery of her Powell guitar shaped bouzouki ( or gazouki as she likes to call it) Made from English Walnut photo’s can be seen at the bottom of my models page and gallery page, it sings beautifully. See Julie’s comments on my feedback page. Photo by Kirstie Hunt. You can hear Julie play her Gazouki on http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=–b9zv4-OJ0

Mike Silver (http://www.mikesilver.co.uk) has just taken delivery of two Powell Guitars and has now ordered a baritone guitar due to be delivered in July 2012 all with the back/sides made from Iroko. The wood belonged to his much loved father in law, described by Mike as a ‘prince amongst men” The instruments are a four string Tenor guitar (model SFT), full size SFG (photo’s to follow) and SFGB (baritone) Cutting the Iroko presented a few problems due to the depth of the wood and bending it was also challenging but the instruments turned out just fine. The Iroko has helped produce a lovely rich warmth and depth to the instruments. See Mike’s comments on my feedback page. You can hear Mike play his Powell on http://mikesilver.jigsy.com/live-videos and on http://www.kitchensongs.org.uk/Artists/mikesilverinterv.html