Artists and Players

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Current Players:

Chris While: Full size SFGc See Chris play her guitar on
Julie Matthews: Gazouki See Julie play her Gazouki on–b9zv4-OJ0
Mike Silver: Full size SFG, Long scale SFG (baritone) & Tenor guitar SFT See Mike play his SFG on  and
Dave Walmisley: Full size SFG and Gazouki SFG &
Howard Lees: Small size SFG (Parlour guitar)
Liz Moore: Full size SFG
Derek Gifford: Full size SFG
Paul Cowham: Full size SFG and Mandola SFM
Alun Sbardun Huws: Gazouki SFG
Stewart Lever: Full size SFG
Don Davies: Full size SFG

Chris Algar full size SFG
Graham Aldridge: Full size SFG
Tom Baxter:  Mid size SFG
Sandra Baxter: Small size SFG (Parlour guitar)
Catherine Carr:  Small size SFG (Parlour guitar)
Martin Carr: Full size SFG and Mandola SFM
Martin Carren: Full size SFG
Dave Collier: Full Size SFG
Tony Cope: Full size SFG
David Creasey,France: Full size SFG
Tony Gibbons: Cittern SFC
Dave Green: Two Full size SFG’s
Steve Hindson: Full size SFG
Brian Jameson: Small size SFG (Parlour guitar)
Alan Lee: Full size SFG
Charlie Moritz: Full size SFG
Graham Poulton: Full size SFG
Ruth Powell: Small size SFG (Parlour guitar)
Ingo Schlüter, Germany: Long scale Gazouki SFG, hear Pingo play and sing on (
Sam Smith: Full size SFG
Harry Richardson, France: Full size SFG
Jozeph Roberts: Full size SFG